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Opening up my Django based CMS

Posted on October 23, 2012 by: Rob van der Linde
Filed under: Django, Open Source, Python
Tags: django, cms, opensource, rvcms

Today I have finally decided to open up my Django based CMS (rvcms) as open source, using a BSD type license.

I created this CMS a while ago as a need for a CMS that runs on top of Django, but since then other (much better) content management systems for Django have been released, such as Django-CMS and Mezzanine.

Although my CMS is a bit rough around the edges, I am still not giving up on it entirely. I do like aspects of my CMS, it's simple, it's lightweight and it works well enough to use on most sites.

The only thing still missing is documentation on how to install it or use it, sorry, but there is a script now at least so you can install the CMS in a virtualenv, which is only a start.

The requirements for the CMS at this stage are Django 1.3, but I am planning to get it back upto scratch and working with Django 1.4 and give it a bit of a cleanup. The rest of the requirements are all listed in

In the long run however, I am looking into writing a new CMS using the Pyramid web framework, which I have come to love over the last year or so, but still keep this CMS going for existing sites for a while.

The CMS source code is located on Bitbucket.